Ugly Americans

by Heavy Breath

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released August 9, 2011

Recorded June 2011 by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording
Mastered June 2011 by Greg DiCrosta in his living room.

Kilian Appleby - Vocals
JP Modderno - Guitar
David Shapiro - Guitar
Mike Tobey - Bass
Chris Mala - Drums



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Heavy Breath Hamden, Connecticut

New LP Jumps the Shark available March 2015 via Ear One Productions

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Track Name: Loan Sharks
Deregulated, pack it up and trade it. I've gotta say, you fucked this up. The American people aren't your pawns. Try to take our homes, we'll bleed you dry. My mother told me not to trust a man in a suit. Try to change my loans, lets see you try. Hey hey, your profits grow from pain. Hey hey, you're destroying lives but now your end's arrived. Too big to fail, too corrupt to care. In bankruptcy, that's only fair. Hey hey, your profits grow from pain. Hey hey, you're destroying lives but now your end's arrived. We gave the Greeks the equivalent of a smallpox covered blanket. It's the American way. Sharks.
Track Name: Enter the Void
Walking, talking. You know I feel so weak. the loss is rising. Death in what form? Do I float like a soul in the sky? Lie shot on the floor after flushing the pills. Think of my sister and my brother and the way my parents died. Do I float like a soul in the sky? i hope so. I need your heat. It's DMT. Need your heat. The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. It's all connected, intoxicated. Under the same head we're all connected.
Track Name: Green Scare
Hide your face, don't let them see your eyes. They might change their minds. Don't tell me, they might change their minds. Don't tell me. Admit you're doing wrong and know your business is death. Admit you're doing wrong and feeding ignorance.
Track Name: Real Man
Violence against preference of who I fuck. Violence against gender. You reap what you sow. Does it make you feel like a real man to take control? Vicious cycle. Those who have been abused go on to abuse. It's our fault. One in four women have been the victim of twisted men using sex as their fucking weapon. So what does that make you? You're a real man now. If only you could be half the man she needs you to be. Do women with power bother you? Do men with men bother you?
Track Name: Arizona Tea Party
There's a giant pool of money, and everybody want in. But now look at yourselves, holing yourself off in your own little world. Go off to a place that no longer exists. Isolationism never worked in the time you want back. Now it's a coup d'etat by your own discontent. Goldman Sachs isn't your ally, exploiting you into poverty. Your honor isn't restored. Your losing your homes, no hope. You want a more perfect union? Well I want a world where trust can exist. it's not gonna happen. We're ugly Americans. Your racism's thinly veiled. I'm losing hope. This isn't a perfect union. American pride degrades all your lies. Gay rights? No. Health care? No. End war? No. What do you stand for?