Heavy Wood

by Heavy Breath

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Split Tape from Heavy Breath and Dagwood. Available from Girls Cartel Records. www.girlscartelrecords.com/products/4864237-heavy-wood-heavy-wood


released July 29, 2013

Recorded in 2 days in May 2013 by Ian Bates at the Manor.

Heavy Wood is:
Kilian Appleby
Andrew Baker
Corey Fruin
Grady Hearn
Chris Mala
Mike Nagy
Mike Tobey



all rights reserved


Heavy Breath Hamden, Connecticut

New LP Jumps the Shark available March 2015 via Ear One Productions

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Track Name: A New Contagion (Heavy Breath)
Why can't we talk about it?
A word is a word until it's poisonous
I checked my privilege
Maybe that's not everything

Hate is in your heart, too
Judging is your sin, too
Preaching to cover your ass
Because your upbringing was rich

That vision of a sterile future
Is something that is coming
Your ideas get left unchecked
And spread a new contagion

Society's quicksand has grown as of late
We're running and sinking
The worst of them all are dying of old age
So shut up and live

You're correct, doesn't mean that you're right

Take it slow
Just calm down
Track Name: Bad Water (As Performed by Heavy Breath)
You called me today
And I felt your heartache
It seems you're part of me
Frustrated trying to force the present through a memory

And I can feel you sinking deeper and deeper every time we speak

I saw you last night
You never seem quite right
And lately you're lonely
But you were never one to let go and let me be

You were never really part of me anyway
You only dragged me closer to you
And I was never really part of you anyway
Caught in the grip of my ego
I pray to god for the truth

Hang in there
It'll be fine, I swear
Track Name: Real Man (As Performed by Dagwood feat. Heavy Breath)
Violence against preference of who I screw/freak
Violence against gender
You reap what you sow

Does it make you feel like a real man
To take control?

Those who have been abused
Go on to abuse
It's our fault

One in four women have been the victim
Of twisted men using sex
As their freaking weapon

You're a real man now

Uhhh Heavy Wood 2013
Respect your elders
Wipe your dog's ass after it shits
Excuse yourself when you fart
Clean your groin before sex
Advil and milkshakes
Apple pie
Corn on the cob
Don't step on bugs purposefully
Picnic tables
Fuck my butthole
Clean between your toes
Don't date your sister

Do women with power bother you?
Do men with men bother you?