Synthemesc Dreams

by Heavy Breath

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Recorded at Dexter's Lab in Milford, CT by Greg DiCrosta.


released May 23, 2010

Kilian Appleby - Vocals
JP Modderno - Guitar
Mike Tobey - Bass
Chris Mala - Drums
Guest vocals on Rehabilitation (Part IV) by Greg Moran



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Heavy Breath Hamden, Connecticut

New LP Jumps the Shark available March 2015 via Ear One Productions

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Track Name: Aggression (Part II)
Oh angels of the moloko, bring me synthemesc dreams. Bring me a horrorshow. Sharpen me up again. This is ultraviolence. Crack your sorry face with a lovely smile. Throw you on the ground, rip off your clothes. And when you say "no" it makes me want you more. Locked in my throes. Let the blood flow. Suffering. Run, flee the scene. Down on my luck. Lock me up again.
Track Name: Incarceration (Part III)
I've been found, but I can't be saved. Lock me away for my sins. They found a way to tweak my head. To bring order to chaos. To play God. Feed me medication, force me to view sin. It's worse than death. Slowly I give into a fate worse than death. You took away my life. I am a body with no purpose. I have no hate, I have no love. I'm just live everybody else. Home is where the heart is. Home is where the hurt is.
Track Name: Rehabilitation (Part IV)
Don't play that tune and I'll be fine. It's all I've got on my mind. I'd rather have death. God forgive your ruined life. Cold wind, wash away those sins. Doctor, please fix my head. The line is blurred between friend and foe. You scream, "death to the government" as my empty body falls to the ground. Your ideals scorch this earth. Your words led the way. Just one moment of pain. Sleep forever. One moment of pain, and then sleep forever and ever. I can't take it.
Track Name: Regression (Part V)
Lying in pain, not knowing from where I came. I feel my soul, and bandages wrapped around my skull. I've gotta say, it feels like I've got new blood running through my veins. I think it's real. Minister of the Interior and Inferior. Ultraviolence. Let's go to the Korova. Put on your boots and let's kick someone's face in. I think that's what I want. What do I want? I think I want to live. Hey, who am I? I don't know. I'm a lost little boy in a big, big world. Is a boring life a life at all? I think it is.