Jumps the Shark

by Heavy Breath

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Recorded, mixed and mastered August-November 2013 by Ian Bates at the Manor.


released June 8, 2015

Kilian Appleby - Vocals, synths
Corey Fruin - Guitars, vocals
Grady Hearn - Guitars, vocals
Chris Mala - Drums, yelling shit
Mike Tobey - Lead, rhythm and synth bass

Ryan White - Guest vocals on #8
Mark Field - Guest sax on #9

Additional guitars, synths, noises, beer - Ian Bates

All songs by Heavy Breath unless otherwise noted.

2015 Ear One Productions



all rights reserved


Heavy Breath Hamden, Connecticut

New LP Jumps the Shark available March 2015 via Ear One Productions

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Track Name: The Screw
If we kill ourselves for
Homeland gas, would it be worth it?

They bribe the top
To hush it up
To blind their eyes
So they walk away unscathed
Does that sound worth it?

They put on an act
Because they're exempt from the act
That keeps us clean
They have the drills
We're the screw

Your water is on fire
My rage is on fire

So thanks for the asthma
The tumors, the pain

Oh it's safe, or so they say
Then why is Pennsylvania dying
If it's so safe, then in court why do they pay?

They bribe the top
To hush it up
To blind their eyes
So they walk away unscathed

So drill, and drill, and die, and drill, and die, and die
Track Name: Hollow
Hollow, stuck in one place
Paying for decay at minimum wage
Creative minds wasted
At gas stations, restaurants, and clothing stores

Please, someday someone call me a genius
A visionary
Keep those sights set on the West Coast
Someday, maybe today
Hey, quit your job and get down
Let's all drop out and commit

Want tears in your eyes
Want love on location
Before I die, create something beautiful
Want tears in your eyes
Want love on location
Sun-soaked landscapes in 35mm
Portray love in a quarry
Or death in a field
Ease someone's mortal fears

Everyone thinks they have a masterpiece in them
Or I'm an egomaniac
I feel special

I feel special, ego drives
Track Name: Digital Arms
Live life on a device
Consciousness on a drive
All seeing, all knowing, all living
Immortality in technology

Met a girl on the cloud, she's all that I need
Get to know you, get to love you,
But how to touch you with these...
How to touch you with digital arms?

Spend my credits on a body
Place my mind inside an artificial man
Place my feet on the earth again

The android wakes, the android walks
The android lives

The mind, it offers time
But flesh, it offers soul
But never forever
The mind is bound to pine
The body fulfills
But this will rot away

In metal deathbeds, in our metal selves
We prepare to stare from afar
We prepare to stay apart

It's fun when we're on
It's done when we're gone
Track Name: Consume
My friend, he fought for his life
And now he's tired
My lover fell for a joke
And now we're through
My brother had his first fuck
And now he's smitten
My fucking peace of mind
Now it's left behind

So what do we do?
Buy a new shirt, say "this life thing is working out"
Track Name: Three Weeks
Hey, can we not touch and fuck today?
Because I feel filthy
Come on and say, "You're tired, I'm insane"
We all know art is hard
The death of art and soul are intertwined

The death of art and soul is me
You slept with me, you missed my dreams
My dreams of physical death

I know my own death
It's one of many
They tracked the angles and pointed it to us
I waited three weeks
I thought the old man told it directly to me
I didn't know the calendar could hang itself

Oh, it's dark, I can't see the devil come
Fate can't change
Please, take the art and leave the soul

I'm just a man resigned to
The hate I feel for everything I do

I feel my heart break for us when I...
Track Name: Personal Yeezus
Paralyzed, closed eyes
Denied, in time I find
Isolate, contained
I've got to escape this coast

I've got a life that I'm lusting after

Unravel, black hole
I've got to escape this coast

I've got a life that I'm lusting after
Track Name: The Futurist Manifesto
Track Name: The Taste of Punk to Cum
Hey hey, it's hand over fist
Executive privilege topples the rest
Fighting for scraps at the table we set
As the fruits of your labor run down my chin

Working for free for paper degrees
That we'll never see, forced inequality
Unionized lies, the face of deceit
I paid my dues, now where's my seat?
I feel like I've paid for all this before
You can't protect if you don't know it's yours
Crowdfunding bailouts across backs
Starving artists cutting in line

My wallet's got deja vu
Who's buying, me or you?
You started it, we funded it
The taste of punk to cum
Track Name: Firebrand Sex
We live our lives without reason
We're bored and tired, but I'll try it out
We plugged a hole in a sinking ship
But I'm trying

Out back, still smoke, forms
Our bodies tangled in regret

"Don't thank me," you say in contempt
Our lust came and went

Firebrand sex, fuck
Every public follicle
A gate pushing away
For the love of... Oh god, I can't

Bad love from a lover spurned
Bad love from the hangers-on in turn
Bad love from a libertine and turncoat
Bad love from a lover spurned
Track Name: Dave Franco
Why get an education
When you can be a star?
Sorry I don't have the rent
I'll pay you back when I'm filthy fucking rich

Breathe for fame

Connect with wealth to hide the fury
That it's a false reality
Track Name: Johnny's Not Okay
Boy, we need food
Take the Winchester and the mutt
But the plains, they don't forgive
So be careful and good luck

Kid, you've been gone for so long
Yeah, well I don't quite feel the same
Well, what happened on those sun-soaked days?
I don't really think I should say
Hey, where's the mutt?
He ain't coming back

Johnny's not okay

Tell the truth, what happened?
Okay, I shot him
So he got sick, why not tell me?
No dad, I shot him, no reason

Johnny's not okay
What have me done?
Johnny's not okay
Who have we raised?
He can join the army
Join the war out West, yeah

Kid, you've killed a hundred men
To protect and defend this land that we call home
Kid, I've never seen another one like you
You'll be general one day
Then all this will be yours