Muddy Life

by Heavy Breath

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released December 15, 2012

Drums recorded and mixed by Nick Bellmore at Dexter's Lab in Milford, CT.

Everything else recorded and mixed at Marsten House in Abington, PA.

Mastered at Dexter's Lab.

Lead Guitar - Corey Fruin
Rhythm Guitar - JP Modderno
Bass - Mike Tobey
Drums - Chris Mala
Vocals - Kilian Appleby



all rights reserved


Heavy Breath Hamden, Connecticut

New LP Jumps the Shark available March 2015 via Ear One Productions

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Track Name: Chekhov's Bomb
It's a muddy life
Turn to vapor on sight
It's a muddy life
Nothing to fear when we should fear

Truces missed and politics are bound to set them off
Complacency is enemy because this is Chekhov's bomb

It's a muddy life

Diplomacy fails
Failsafes fall apart

We'll be vapor on sight
Turn to vapor on sight

Defenses useless; mutually assured

Defense spends its way to control
Clear eyes to a muddy life
We're writing our own end
On a pen made of hydrogen

Believe prophesies
Of mushroom clouds
On mushrooms found
Annihilation of civilization
The stockpiles stay unused

A bomb in the first act
Goes off in the third
We're in our third

Chekhov's bomb
It'll rain down on me
Mutually assured
Reactionary, it's a muddy life
You should be writing this down

Oh hey, vacay
I've got a car
I've got a hundred grand in the bank
I've got a submissive girlfriend
Who does whatever I say
I can't imagine anything
Ever going wrong
It never has before

It's Chekhov's bomb
Track Name: Be The Prometheus
Attention attention
All time exists at once
Planted and harvested at the same time
I'm a real human being
I'm real

Ask why old times
Are so much more attractive
Than what we're knee deep in today
Death; life

Life in our thoughts
Death in our dreams

If we could go back
We could fuck all the time
Or we could go even further
Be happily ignorant
With the rise of mankind

Call it change or call it life
Call it death or call it
The blade of a knife

Come on
Be the Prometheus

Two steps back and one step forward
Is it that, or are we just still?

Is there a bigger picture
Or just you and me?

Life is shallow
Death is weak
If we can look back
We can live as one

The primordial ooze is calling
We'll bathe and fuck and evolve

Check your anxieties at the door
Because I'm primitive man reincarnate
Listen to the snake because our sins
Form a blueprint to live by
Be the Prometheus
Track Name: I'm A Motherfucking Weak Man
I'm a motherfucking weak man
More fragile than another
I can't take the pressure
Of this no-man's land

Look at how it's all orange and barren outside
Looting giving way to hoarding and the lost civility
I've got no peace of mind
It's just the roaches and me

The mundanity
Sit and rot
That's every day

And I can see the ocean
It's green and brown now
And I can see the woman
She lives just in my head now

Eat, sleep, fight
For sanity
For her memory

"He died alone," she sighed to me